Polygon Labs Shakeup: President to Step Down, Chief Legal Officer Now CEO

• Ryan Wyatt is stepping down as President of Polygon Labs and moving into an advisory role.
• Marc Boiron, the current Chief Legal Officer, will become the new CEO.
• The company is planning to launch “Polygon 2.0” with decentralized governance set for July 17th.

Shakeup at Polygon Labs

The leadership team at Polygon Labs is undergoing a shakeup, with President Ryan Wyatt stepping down from his role and transitioning to an advisory position. He has been in the post for over a year and plans to leave by the end of July. Meanwhile, Chief Legal Officer Marc Boiron will take on the role of CEO.

Rebecca Rettig Appointed as CLO

Chief Policy Officer Rebecca Rettig will assume duties as Chief Legal Officer when Boiron takes over as CEO. She was recently appointed to serve on the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Global Markets Advisory Committee’s Subcommittee on Global Market Structure, Technical Issues, and Digital Asset Markets.

Polygon 2.0

The changes in leadership come as Polygon is preparing for its ‘Value Layer’ or ‘Polygon 2.0’ upgrade which involves establishing decentralized governance by July 17th this year (2023). In March 2021, it became the second-largest blockchain gaming network in terms of unique active wallets overtaking Hive network in terms of usage and reachability within crypto sphere users worldwide .

MATIC Price Movement

At the time of writing this article ,the price of MATIC (native token of Polygon) was around $ 0 . 67 having fallen by 1 % in last 24 hours .


It seems that change in leadership has come at an opportune time for Polygon Labs which is already making big strides towards decentralizing internet with their upcoming ‘Polyon 2 . 0’ update . With Rebecca Rettig taking over CLO role , we can expect more regulatory clarity from them going forward .