Logan Paul vs. Coffeezilla: YouTubers Locked in Heated Battle Over CryptoZoo Scam Claims

– Logan Paul has threatened to sue fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla for defamation regarding CryptoZoo, an NFT project.
– Coffeezilla accused Paul of running a „scam“ and Paul responded by accusing Coffeezilla of publishing false information without verifying it.
– Paul has accused Coffeezilla of breaking laws and has said he will sue.

Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber and the face of the CryptoZoo NFT project, has accused fellow YouTuber and internet detective Coffeezilla of defamation. The two have been locked in a heated battle since late December, when Coffeezilla released a three-part video series accusing CryptoZoo of being a „scam“ and Paul of fraud.

In response, Paul published a YouTube video on January 4th, accusing Coffeezilla of having „led the charge to drive and monetize a narrative telling millions of people that I’m a fraud or I tried to scam my audience“ without verifying any background information or substantiating any evidence. Paul then went on to accuse Coffeezilla of breaking laws and said he would see him in court.

CryptoZoo is an NFT game that allows players to buy NFT eggs using the game’s native token. It was created to be a fun blockchain game that could earn money, however, the project has yet to yield the results promised and Paul has come under fire for it. Paul has denied any wrongdoing and is determined to prove Coffeezilla wrong.

The internet has been watching the saga unfold with bated breath and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Will Paul succeed in his lawsuit against Coffeezilla or will the latter prove him wrong? Only time will tell.